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The main characteristic of our study program is its practical orientation. We lead our students to develop their intellectual and practical skills, which are preconditions for professional growth and successful introduction to the job market.

The school provides high quality professional training in 91 classrooms, ICT labs, labs for electrical measurement and CAD lab, lab for 3D stereoscopic projections and labs for security systems technology training. All of them are supplied with top technology appliances.

Each of our 10 work-shop rooms is equipped with necessary appliance, including RC system.

Our modern lifelong learning centre CEVELIT is equipped with modern interactive technologies and labs with top technologies for training in network technology, IP telephoning, processors, videoconferencing and tele-bridge.

In 1996 when the school was awarded the EVOS certificate - a mark of high quality, which is granted by an independent commission based on evaluation proceedings. VOSIS was the first school in the Czech Republic which was granted this award.

At present the school conducts undergraduate study programs in cooperation with one of the most prestigious universities in the country: the Prague University of Economics, Czech Technical University in Prague.

The school prepares specialists for a wide range of positions within business information systems, in institutions dealing with information management and processing like libraries, information agencies, museums and galleries.

Prague is by its nature a leading cultural and social centre of our country, providing rich job opportunities as well as ideal conditions for study and work . There are some of the largest scientific libraries, top scientific institutions, museums and art galleries, editors' offices of most periodicals, radio and television stations. All this creates unique conditions for the development of students` personalities, their professional preparation as well as personal development through sport and culture.

Founding year 1991
Students 150
Outgoing students
Study program

College departments

1/ Information technologies- Transmission and network technologies (EQF 6)

2/ Information technologies- Safety technique and security technologies (EQF 6)

3/ Information technologies- Interactive graphics and visualisation (EQF 6)

4/ Information technologies- Audiovisual technologies and signal distribution (EQF 6)

5/ Information management - Library and museum services (EQF 6)

6/ Information management - Business informatics (EQF 6)


Erasmus Charter


College of Information Studies is located in Prague 4, in the komplex of buildings in Pacovská street. The school is within walking distance from the underground station (line C), Budějovická. There is also enough parking space in the neigbourhood.

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